<<< polska wersja >>> I’m going for a quick coffee break this week, thanks to cheap airlines and a free Tuesday. While I eat cinnamon buns and stock up on red wooden horses, have a look at photographs and a video of Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, a duo behind Street Etiquette. Those gorgeous gentlemen write about mens […]

sellheim barrier reef

 <<< polska wersja >>> One morning in Glebe, a hippie Sydney neighbourhood, we visited a Sunday market and came across a poster stand. While browsing through, I found several posters I really liked, and when I finally made my decision, the seller exclaimed: ‘ha! good choice! you must know about design!’. My ego nicely massaged, I paid him 20 dollars […]

larrabure vicunas

<<< polska wersja >>> Peru blew my mind, as simple as that. The more I saw and learned, the more I was inspired to keep exploring. It’s easy to skim through the main historical sites and continue on to Bolivia or Ecuador, but digging in the rich Peruvian past, culture and nature (and food, obvio) proved very rewarding. Here are […]


<<< polska wersja >>> Some days are just not as good as others. Even my general naivete and enthusiasm dry out every now and then, and I start looking for some simple mood fixers. And what did I learn yesterday? August 10th is a national s’more day in USA. Grrreat! S’mores are a scout camping treat, […]


<<< polska wersja >>> I’ve been to Madrid a dozen times, twice for pleasure, and the rest for stopovers and work. I’ve seen the main tourist sites both alone and with groups of bored American teenagers, so this time, when I had less than a day on the way back from Peru, I could just enjoy hanging […]


<<< polska wersja >>> In 2012, the year of the London Olympics, a writer Ann Morgan decided to see the whole world herself, too, but instead of muscles, sweat and tears, she chose literature. Realising she’d been reading mostly English-speaking novels, she decided to track at least one book per UN-recognised independent state, plus Taiwan. And so […]

Bill Brandt, Lord Macdonald’s Forest, Isle of Skye, 1947

Lord Macdonald’s Forest, Isle of Skye, 1947 <<< polska wersja >>> Sometimes I think that deep in my heart I’m Portuguese. Those folks claim the invention of the famous feeling of saudade, profound nostalgia that differs from the international one, because it can also relate to the future. I get nostalgic all the time, yearning for the past, missing […]


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