<<< polska wersja >>> There might not be a lot of monuments around Arequipa that equal Cusco and Machu Picchu, but there is a piece of history that will make you freeze inside. In the shady interiors of Museo Santuarios Andinos lies Juanita the Ice Maiden, an Incan girl, sacrificed on top of one of the […]

arequipa peru

<<< polska wersja >>> I doubt I’ll ever be back in Arequipa. It’s a lovely place, with the atmosphere of an old little town despite being the second biggest city in Peru after Lima. Because of its regular streets lined with old, richly decorated stone houses, Arequipa is claimed to be one of the prettiest (if not […]

boat magazine

   <<< polska wersja>>> Every issue of the UK-based Boat Magazine focuses on one city around the world, and the latest, 7th edition is about Lima. I couldn’t be happier when I finally got my copy, already back in Warsaw, and I could snuggle in my llama-patterned sweater (this summer feels like London with all the rain and cold) […]

lima costa verde

<<< polska wersja >>> Centro histórico – the colonial part of Lima – is a town of its own. Regular grid of narrow streets spreads from the heart of the city: the majestic Plaza de Armas with the cathedral and the municipal palace. Streets are lined with colourful mansions and terrace houses, and the famous carved wooden balconies hang above the pavements. […]

Moray cusco peru

<<< polska wersja >>> The Incas may not have invented the wheel, or arch, or writing, but they did show a spark of genius where we least suspect it. One of the sights that prove it, and are most visually stunning, are amphitheatre-like agricultural terraces of Moray, and the salt mines near the town of Maras. Countless agencies in […]

yawar peru 1

<<< polska wersja >>> Among thousands and thousands of local celebrations of Peru, you can find some that are a bit more peculiar than others. One of the most controversial festivity is called Yawar Fiesta, and it’s held every year in several villages across the Andes. The celebration dates back to the colonial times, and it’s based on the opposition of the […]


<<< polska wersja >>> Lima claims to be a capital of Latin American gastronomy, and even if it’s quite a bold statement to make, the amount of restaurants, eateries, markets, fairs and food aficionados themselves in the Peruvian capital is impressive. Yet, vegetarians in Latin America always seem to have a bit more trouble finding yummy snacks, but Lima is […]


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