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<<< polska wersja >>> We were running late. Earlier that morning, instead of packing under the first rays of sun, I had gone for a run, and took a tad too long. Tommy’s foot was shaking slightly when I was having my post-run chocolate milk, and then he started throwing snorkelling masks, bags of almonds, blankets, pillows, […]

sydney bondi

<<< polska wersja >>> A year ago everyone in Warsaw got excited: the Polish edition of National Geographic mentioned its river beaches in the ranking for the best urban beaches in the world. Along Sydney, Paris and Cape Town, people kept saying. Puh-lease! As much as I like Warsaw, Sydney seems a bit out of the Polish […]


<<< polska wersja >>> Brenno, one of Tommy’s more peculiar friends, kept insisting we came up to Palm Beach to visit from Sydney. Apparently, he was staying at his family’s summer house, and there was plenty of space for all of us, and, as we were soon to learn, several disgusting spiders. So we packed up Tommy’s […]


<<< polska wersja >>> Who’d cook, if you’re in Sydney only for a few weeks? We’re no food experts, but we’re no cooks either, and eating out is one of my favourite pastimes. As a result of all those reasons, we tried a lot of restaurants, cafes and eateries all over Sydney. Here’s where we had our favourite […]


<<< polska wersja >>> Old European cities often boast with their centres being clearly designated, often pleasantly geometrical and organising the rest of the place neatly. Sydney, on the other hand, was nothing like that. Over several weeks I spent in there, I still felt like I hardly got to know the place. It feels enormous. Its […]

dala horse

<<< polska wersja >>> In the morning, I took the longest stroll this year. I passed along Hornsgatan, a bustling avenue along the island of Södermalm, and wandered around the little park of Mariatorget, with another cup of coffee and a cardamom bun from Fabrique Stenunsbageri. Hornsgatan is a busy street, lined with shops and eateries that range […]


<<< polska wersja >>> I did hear about the beauty of Stockholm every now and then, but never had a chance to see it with my own eyes. Warmer destinations seemed always more appropriate, and I generally prefer to cross the oceans instead of flying above the dark waters of the Baltic sea. Last weekend though, I had little […]


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